What is collective bargaining?

  • the process in which a trade union and an employer negotiate a first collective agreement or the renewal collective agreement
  • the parties usually focus on such issues as union security, wages, working conditions, grievance procedures and benefits

The Bargaining Process

In the Beginning…

  • One party gives the other notice to bargain
  • The parties agree when to meet
  • The existing collective agreement remains in effect
  • Bargaining begins
  • If both parties reach an agreement, there is a ratification vote.

This is where we all get to vote on the contract that has been tentatively agreed upon.

  • This means that the bargaining committee thought it was worth bringing to you for a ratification vote
  • The vote is by secret ballot and all members of the bargaining unit are eligible to vote
  • If the majority agree, we have a new agreement.

If no agreement is reached, both parties go back to the table and try again