What Can My Steward Do For Me?

Stewards perform many duties for the members of the local. Below are just a few of the things that stewards can do:

  • Investigate, write and file a grievance on the members’ behalf
  • Help solve problems outside the grievance process
  • Facilitate good lines of communication between the executive and the members
  • Educate the members about the collective agreement, about the unions’ role in the workplace and about important issues that affect our sector
  • Stand as an ally and advocate for all members
  • Act as a mediator when there is a conflict among members

Most importantly, stewards are a conduit to information about your rights as a worker, under the Collective Agreement and all applicable legislation, such as the Health and Safety Act, Employment Standards Act, etc. They can advise about a number of workplace issues and help you with whatever course of action you choose, if any. Get to know your stewards.

They are ready, willing and able to work for you.

Stewards for AI
We are currently seeking volunteers to fill steward positions. Please contact Nadine McDonald and Lacey Sauder for assistance.

Stewards for Fly Rd.
Chief Steward – Emily Wills
Stewards – Brenda Langelaan, Courtney Salomons