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Guess what?  Niagara has the 3rd highest living wage across the province.  (Trailing behind Toronto and Peterborough)
It costs $17.47 an hour in Niagara for real local living costs, and this wage is what is required to meet those BASIC costs..  what are YOU getting paid an hour?
The living wage is the hourly pay required to cover basic expenses such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation. It’s a wage that allows employees not just to subsist but, also, to have access to the type of things that make for a decent quality of life: the ability for a family to participate in the community, to be healthy and active social citizens.
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Ontario office has developed a methodology for calculating the living wage in Ontario communities. This handy guide offers a step-by-step description of each component that goes into paying a living wage.
The calculation is not national, it’s not provincial – it’s done municipality by municipality to reflect real local living costs and the hourly wage required to meet those basic costs.

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