Dear Member of the Fly Rd. Unit,

Once again our employer is not taking our demands seriously at the bargaining table.

Our collective agreement for Fly Rd. expired on March 31, 2016. In preparation for negotiating our new collective agreement, Fly Rd. members elected a Bargaining Committee in December, 2016, surveyed the membership from July to September, and compiled and ratified priorities.

Since then, the Fly Rd. Bargaining Committee has been diligently working to present language that addresses priorities and concerns raised by members in the membership survey. The BC met with the employer six times between April 20 and June 26, 2017. To date, some progress has been made at the bargaining table, but we have been forced to fight off a set of concessions that would make our work even more precarious.


This is why the Executive, at the recommendation of the Fly Rd. Bargaining Committee, applied for conciliation. When negotiations come to an impasse, either party can request the Ministry of Labour to appoint a conciliator to mediate between the two sides, aiding to bring them closer together. Conciliation is legally necessary before a strike or lockout can occur. At this time, there are no set dates for meeting with a conciliation officer. For more information on conciliation go to

Strike vote

In order to get an acceptable collective agreement we need to pressure the employer to take our proposals seriously. A strike vote, just like the conciliation process, is a legal step in order for a strike to happen. It gives mandate to the union to call for a strike if situation demands it. A yes vote does not necessarily mean the union will go on strike, and a no vote doesn’t mean we will definitely avoid a strike. A high yes vote gives the union strength at the bargaining table and the employer an incentive to make a movement on issues that are important to us.

The Bargaining and Executive Committees unanimously recommend members to give their union a strong strike mandate. As precarious workers we have much to desire to make our working conditions better. Only when united behind our proposals can we defend what we have won in the past and fight for better working conditions. All members are strongly encouraged to attend the Special Bargaining Unit Meeting on Sept. 5, 2017, if they are able to do so.

In solidarity,

The CUPE 2977 Executive and Bargaining Committees