Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t

What’s at Stake

Our sly, unknown devil here is noise because it causes a host of health problems, with painless symptoms that help them progress unnoticed until it is too late. Even more disturbing is that the ears become accustomed to noise and the brain accepts it as normal, after a short while. Do not be fooled, noise-induced hearing loss cannot be reversed!

Damage from long-term exposure to excessive noise includes deafness, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), anxiety, depression, stress, and headaches.

How Workers Can Prevent Hearing Loss

  • Wearing and maintaining all hearing protection provided by your employer.
  • Using the right hearing protection for the job, task, or area.
  • Participating in your employer’s audiometric program and understanding the results of your hearing tests.
  • Asking questions about noise levels, hearing protection, and other noise and hearing related issues, as soon as you have a concern.
  • Staying informed and watching for warning signs, such as ringing or humming in your ears and temporary loss of hearing when you leave work.

Final Word

Hearing loss is permanent. Once your hearing is gone the damage can’t be reversed. Prevention is your only option; protect your hearing while you still have it.