During the October membership meeting of CUPE local 2977, a motion was passed to increase the current dues rate from 1.4% to 1.8%. In accordance with the Local’s bylaws, the vote was held a month later during the November membership meeting.

Before the vote, the leadership committee spoke on the reasons why there is a need for a dues increase.

We need to get a [Union] representative in as many departments as there are interested members. Without the funds to educate potential reps, we can’t grow.

Sam Oort – President

The leadership explained that without an increase, the local will have difficulty achieving the same growth it has seen over the past year. “To keep up with the needs of the local, we have spent $12,000 more than we have brought in,” warned Irene Hagar, Secretary Treasurer.

Members questioned the need for such a large increase, so quickly, since the last increase was only in 2010. Oort explained that it was recognized, back when dues were at 1.1%, that Local 2977 was far below the provincial average of dues payments. He went on to say, “It was the goal of the leadership committee to increase dues from 1.1% to 1.8% (provincial average), over a period of time…”

We had a great turnout! It’s great to see the membership taking an interest in what happens with their Union. After all, they are the Union
Kyle Whittaker – Vice President

Discussion on the increase continued for some time until it was clear the members were ready to cast an informed vote.

The results of the vote were 23-12 in favour of the increase.