Resolution No. 81
Submitted by 1263, 2977, 9102

CUPE Ontario will:

Urge the provincial government to include the cost of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices (CGMD) in the Assistive Devices Program, for children diagnosed with diabetes, who have received that recommendation from their endocrinologist. CGM’s measure the blood glucose levels in real time, day and night, through an electrode inserted under the skin to measure glucose levels in the tissue fluid, which is then sent to a monitoring and display device.



  • CGMs provide valuable information 24/7 providing insight as to what impacts the child’s diabetes.
  • CGMs monitor continuously as opposed to the snapshot obtained by traditional glucose meters. This enables parents to monitor the job of the pancreas from a remote location.
  • The cost of the device and necessary supplies is approximately $8500.00 a year and most benefit plans will not cover this device or its supplies.
  • All children deserve the right to the best health care we can give them and this device improves the quality of life for diabetic children and theirfamilies.