Greetings All,

First off, I would like to remind you all of our Pub Nite coming up on November the third at Cats Caboose. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to meet their union executives and fellow members in a informal setting. It’s also a great opportunity to receive and share information and for members from AI and Fly Road to meet each other. I encourage you all to come on out and find out what’s happening, where we’re going and what you can do to help.I would also like to encourage everyone to support Black Friday by wearing black every Friday. This is a great way to show our employer we are one and we stand together for a better future. We’re all in this together so we ask our fellow members in the AI unit to join us in this initiative and show their solidarity with members on Fly Rd as we prepare for the possibility of a strike.

We are still hoping to negotiate a fair deal but if we are unsuccessful, we need to be prepared. We need at least twelve strike picket captains and five strike committee members. They cannot be members of the bargaining committee, so we need volunteers to step up and help out if we’re going to get anywhere. You gave us a very clear strike mandate but we cannot succeed without you. Training is provided by CUPE and the executive are ready to answer any questions you may have about the duties involved. You’ve told us what you want, now help us get it for you.

We have a tough fight ahead of us in order to get a deal that is acceptable, but we can do it if we all stand together. We’re a part of one of the largest unions in Canada and we have the power and support of CUPE behind us. Your executive have been busy over the last year, supporting the pickets of other locals and attending rallies, building bonds and loyalties that we can reciprocally rely on, should our time on the picket comes.

Please think long and hard. We need the volunteers mentioned and cannot run a strike without them. All our efforts will be wasted unless we have the bodies to fill the positions we need. Again,we are still hoping to successfully negotiate a fair deal, but we need to get ready in case that option is not available.

In solidarity, Catharine Rowland CUPE 2977