To All Bethesda Employees in St. Catharines,

We have seen the letter sent to you regarding disturbing assertions made about supposed threats to coerce people to sign Union cards. These are disturbing assertions indeed, as this has never been a message sent by CUPE. What we find most disturbing is that anyone would believe it. We are not thugs, we do not threaten nor do we lie to get people to sign union cards.

We are CUPE, one of the largest, most successful labour unions in our nation’s history. We support members in the spirit of rights and are based on the democratic model. Every decision we make and act on is voted on by the members, we are member driven and we work for you. The Union executives and representatives are all volunteers and we are front line support workers just like you, with the same concerns about workplace safety, security and decent wages as you. We don’t go around predicting what our employer will do, we tell you what CUPE can and will do for you and here are just a few things you get if you sign a Union card:

  • Unbiased and fair representation
  • Representation during meetings with HR that are investigatory or discipline in nature
  • Representation for WSIB claims
  • Representation for Heath and Safety concerns
  • Stewards and executive that are properly trained to defend your rights under the Collective
    Agreement, Human Rights code, Employment Standards, the Health and Safety act and our
    employer’s Policies and Procedures
  • A bargaining committee, trained and ready to bargain for your collective right
  • Your voice regarding workplace issues, solutions and bargaining wish list
  • The chance to belong to an incredible organization and become actively involved in our local,
    in the Niagara district or even the provincial stage
  • Educational opportunities through CUPE and access to the vast resources of CUPE
  • Social opportunities – I.e. pub night and Ice Dogs night
  • The rights and protections bargained under the collective agreement

With all that to offer, we have no need to threaten or coerce. The Union was approached by employees in St. Catharines to get information regarding joining CUPE, we did not target anyone. We’re really glad they did, because we believe we are stronger together. All employees have a constitutionally protected right to join a labor union. It is a violation of law for an employer to coerce, intimidate or unduly influence an employee’s decision to join a union. We normally enjoy a respectful relationship with our employer and imagine our surprise at Mr. McGowan’s recent erroneous assertions and the fact that he chose to address it with you instead of us as he normally would when wild rumours abound. Why does Mr. McGowan not want you to sign a Union card?

Come to our open house at the CUPE2977 office, Thursday, February 15, 2018, at 350 Scott Street, Unit #204, from 12:00 to 8:00 pm. Hear for yourselves what we can do for you and make an informed choice. We look forward to seeing you there.

In solidarity,
The Executive of CUPE2977